Monday, July 2, 2012

Kaleidoscope Dress

Sometimes, I just feel like blending in.  Last Saturday, I was invited to a swimming/children's party.  While I did not feel like swimming, I chose an outfit that I thought will blend in with my surroundings.  And by the way, I sewed this dress.

I chose 100% cotton with a Kaleidoscope print for this dress, as opposed to what is recommended on the pattern which is knit.  The A-line bodice is so easy to make, but the sleeves were a challenge.  I had to improvise on the sleeves by adding the white single-fold bias tape on the sleeves.

Necklace:  from a shopping trip in the Philippines
Shoes:  Cathy Jean (here)

This dress is very comfortable, and it's great if you don't have the "perfect" figure.

Here's the pattern I used, available (here).  I cut pattern size 16 for this dress.  My actual dress size is 10 Petite. -GG-


Unknown said...

Now that is a great "mimig-esque" post, LOL
Great job on the dress, you look great!

mimi g.

Gingham Girl said...

Thanks, Mimi. Take care.

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