Thursday, March 21, 2019

Comfort Food

Are you a dunker?  Do you have a favorite comfort food from childhood?  For me, it's peanut butter sandwich and coffee.  

It's a cold spring morning.  It seems like spring cannot get started.  Just when you thought things are looking up sunny, it became grey out there again.  For a few brief moments the sun would try to peer through the clouds, as if saying, "it's my turn."  In the garden, weeds have taken over the landscape.  But I don't mind, since they bring about beautiful white and yellow flowers of their own.  And the clouds are a puff of white and grey.  And that's how it is here today in Los Angeles.

Can it be sunny already?  I guess being sunny is how you really feel inside.  For instance, what memories you treasure, what you choose to forget, and what you look forward to in the future.  There are different ways to stir the sunny up in me.  It could be music, a scent, or a photograph.  But for today, it is PB and coffee --- childhood comfort food that warms up the soul, evoking memories of care-free times, when everything was sunny, breezy, and green.  And yes, I like dunking it into my coffee (a childhood comfort drink for me, but that's another story).  Happy  Thursday everyone!  -GG-

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