Monday, August 15, 2011

Sauteed Ground Pork Omelette

What do you do when you made too much food?  Yes, I know eat them as leftovers, but is there a way to freshen it up a bit to give it new life, or a new twist to your leftover perhaps?

Last week, I posted Sauteed Ground Pork (Giniling).  Well today, it is now a leftover.  And here’s how I quickly gave it a new life.  Turn it into an omelette.  All you need is beaten egg/s that’s it.  The number of eggs you will use will depend on how much leftover you have.  In my case I just used one egg and a 10-inch non-stick pan.


1.  Re-heat the sautéed pork in the pan.  You may or may not use oil depending on the dryness of the leftover sautéed pork.  If it’s too dry, just add a little bit of oil just enough to smear the pan.  Otherwise, the leftover oil from the pork is enough.  Set aside after re-heating.

2.  Beat the egg until fluffy.  Using the same pan, heat up about 1 tablespoon of oil on a non-stick pan, on low heat.  Carefully pour the beaten egg into the pan.  Swirl the pan around to allow the egg to cover the entire pan.  This is why you want to keep the heat low, so the egg does not cook right away before you can swirl the pan.

3.  When the egg is starting to form, add the leftover sautéed pork in the center of the egg forming a straight line across the egg.  Fold the egg from the side of the pan toward the center making sure they overlap.  Flip the omellette and cook for half a minute, just enough to seal the overlapped ends of the egg.

4.  Slide the omelette onto a plate.  Suggested condiment is ketchup.  You can also use your favorite hot sauce.  I love to have this for breakfast with either bread or rice and of course a good cup of coffee. -GG-

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