Saturday, February 9, 2019

Fruit Plate and Oatmeal Breakfast

It’s one of those days when, before I can even get up from bed, I am already feeling hungry.  It doesn’t help that I can smell the coffee brewing automatically in the kitchen.  I think to myself, only a big hearty breakfast can satisfy me now.  But I have to push through and let my will take over.  Before I became plant-based, going to our local breakfast restaurant will really hit the spot.  An order of pancakes, bacon, and eggs, or maybe something from the “Scramblers,” “Omelettes,” or “Skillets” menu would really satisfy me --- so much that as soon as I get back home, I would lay on the couch as old movie re-runs lull me back to sleep until well past lunch time.  While I do still think about those gastronomic indulgences, I have now come to the point where I can stay away from them as much as I possibly can.  Today is such a day when my will won over those deliciously haunting breakfast plates.  Yay!

So today’s breakfast is a Fruit Oatmeal, and two slices of Papaya.  And of course, coffee. Let’s try to eat healthy, one day at a time.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 😊 -GG-

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