Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Yesterday I promised you I was going to post how I recycled the Grilled Squid leftover I had from Gerry’s Grill.  Before becoming a blogger, I probably would have just resorted to throwing away that leftover, since when I reheated it for lunch, it was starting to get chewy/rubbery.  The day progressed and I just cannot bring myself to letting the squid go to waste, especially since I know just a few hours ago, this squid was so delicious.

Fast forward to almost dinner time…I was tapping my fingers thinking, what can I do with this?  And that’s when I thought, oh yeah, calamari.  I rushed to the internet to look for a calamari recipe.  I immediately saw, Buttermilk Battered Calamari.  I quickly read it without writing anything down and off to the kitchen I went.  I was so thrilled to see buttermilk in the title of this recipe because I still have leftover buttermilk from the Red Velvet Veggie Girl and I made last Friday (I will be posting that recipe pretty soon).  Cool, I found another use for buttermilk.  OK, let me just tell you that I did not measure anything, so the ingredients listed below are all approximations.  The results however turned out to be amazing.  To my surprise, the squid became tender again, and the batter turned out to be crisp, with just the right amount of kick to it from the red pepper flakes.  Enjoy!  -GG-

Adapted from

½ cup buttermilk
½ cup all purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon red pepper flakes
Cooking oil


1.  Place the squid in a deep bowl.  Pour buttermilk over the squid to completely submerge it.

2.  Combine flour, salt and pepper flakes in a separate bowl.

3.  Heat up enough cooking oil to deep fry the squid.

4.  Roll one squid ring at a time on the flour mixture making sure it is evenly coated.  Deep fry until golden brown.  Serve immediately.


Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets said...

What a great idea and it's such a shame to waste food -- thanks for sharing this!

Gingham Girl said...

I'm glad somebody appreciates recycled food. Thanks for visiting. BTW, I love what you said in your Siracha Grilled Tofu post "Its lack of presence is just so ... present." Paradoxical thinking at it's best. -GG-

Unknown said...

So, 9 years later..haha.
Did frying the grilled calamari work out ok and keep it's texture? Or did it get chewy like if it were over cooked?
I really don't expect an answer, but thought I'd

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