Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My gift from Spain: Toasted Egg Yolk Custard Nougat

Recently my cousin Jetts took a trip to Barcelona and Paris and returned home bearing edible gifts -- my favorite kind! She didn't tell me much when she handed the two packages to me except that one had chocolate in it. Yay! Chocolate!

One package contained hot chocolate and the other contained a slab of something. I wasn't quite sure what it was as it was somewhat heavy and dense looking so I knew it wasn't cake. Since I couldn't understand the label, I could only guess that it's a sweet pastry of some type, possibly a marzipan bar. Europeans sure love their marzipan.

I was partially correct. The words 'Yema Tostada' on the packaging means 'toasted yolk' (thanks to Google's Online Translator) and upon further research online, I found that it's a nougat made out of ground almonds, egg yolks and honey. It had a brown, caramelized layer on the top that reminded me of flan and it looked like it would be incredibly sweet.

Dessert for breakfast? Why not, right? So this morning, I made myself a cup of the hot chocolate and savored it with a couple of thin nougat slices. The hot chocolate was good, but nothing out of the ordinary.

The nougat on the other hand was excellent. It was the first time I've had something like that and it did not disappoint. I could definitely taste the egg yolks and indeed, the flavor of flan soon revealed itself. I was also surprised to find that it was not overly sweet as I had expected. In fact, it had just the perfect amount of sweetness to it. As for its texture, it had a sugary crunch to it at first but then moments later, it all just melted in my mouth. All in all, a very good dessert. Big thanks to Jetts for her tasty gift!


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