Sunday, November 27, 2011

Biscuit & Eggs w/ Country Sausage Gravy

Back in the late 80's to the early 90's, during my party days, when my big group of friends and I used to call it disco, we would always find a Denny's Restaurant after we danced the night away.  As if we hadn't had enough of each other's company, it's just a nice way to wind down, with a comfort meal before we headed home....just in time to pick up the newspaper off the driveway.

Denny's used to serve this and I always ordered it back then, but it has since disappeared from their menu.  This is the first time I am bringing it back, the quick and easy way, by buying powdered gravy, and ready to bake biscuits.


1 packet McCormick Country Sausage Gravy Mix
1 can of Pillsbury Jumbo Biscuits
Farmer John's Maple Pork Links
Cinnamon toast (optional)


1.  Follow package instructions on the gravy mix
2.  Follow package instructions on the biscuits.
3.  While the gravy is already sausage flavored, I still cooked up a sausage
4.  Cook eggs according to your choice.  For this one I made scrambled eggs.
5.  To balance the saltiness of the gravy and the sausage, I just buttered a piece of bread, sprinkled some cinnamon on top and place it in a toaster oven.  I then drizzled it with a little pancake syrup while eating it.
6.  Pour the gravy over the biscuit and serve.

Note:  There are other brands of instant gravy out there.  I find that McCormick's was too salty of shall I  say too sodium-y.  The next time I make this, I will try to make my own gravy.  The biscuits came out good, although, of course it did not taste homemade, but it was good enough for me.  With a better tasting gravy and really good coffee, I am ready to start the day. -GG-

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