Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Toaster Oven Mussels

I am debating on what to call this appetizer.  It is so easy that’s why I don’t want to give a fancy name.  I want it to appeal to the novice cook, even perhaps a college student sharing an apartment with his or her schoolmates with nothing more than a microwave, a few gadgets and a toaster oven.  By the time I finish writing the recipe, I will have figured out a name.  So bear with me for a sec.

I decided to use a toaster oven for this because I want to show that even with very basic kitchen tools and appliances, one can create something sophisticated.  I used the toaster oven tray that comes with it, and, if for some reason you don’t have the tray, you can just use aluminum foil to lay on top of the toaster oven rack.  Now, you've gotta have the rack.  -GG-


10 -12 Mussels on the half shell (whatever fits your toaster oven tray)
½ Clove of garlic
2 Tablespoons butter
Grated parmesan cheese to taste


1.  Wash the mussels thoroughly and drain. 

2.  Melt the butter in the microwave.  Using a garlic press or mortar and pestle, press the garlic into a paste.  Stir it in with the melted butter.  Spoon the butter over each mussel and in the folds of the mussel

3. Sprinkle each mussel with parmesan cheese.  Bake at 300 degrees F for 15-20 minutes.  Serve with toasted sourdough, or French bread. 

Note:  If you don’t have a garlic press or mortar and pestle, you can use the flat side of your knife to press the garlic on the cutting board.  As you press down hard, drag the knife towards you.  Make sure the cutting side of the knife is facing away from you. -GG-

If you don't have the tray that came with your toaster oven, just use aluminum foil.

Spoon the garlic butter over each mussel and in between the folds of the mussel.

Sprinkle parmesan cheese over each mussel.

Ready for the oven.  Bake at 300 deg. F for about 15-20 mins.

Serve with toasted sourdough or french bread, and beer or white wine.


Unknown said...

Make sure the cutting side of the knife is facing away from you. oster toaster oven convection

Gingham Girl said...

It's always good to be safe. Thank you for stopping by. -GG-

Anonymous said...

do i need to boil the mussels first?

Gingham Girl said...

Dear Anonymous, to be on the safe side, please boil them first but not for long since the heat of the oven will cook them some more. I would say boil them for about a minute or two only. Thanks.

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