Monday, April 18, 2011

Sweet Cheese Sandwich

Don't we all have something that we just can't outgrow? Whether it's food or our "security blanket," there's just something from childhood that we still hang on to. As Veggie Girl calls it, it's toddler food. My toddler food is sweet cheese sandwich. My mom used to make this for me for breakfast, and to this day, I can still smell the aroma of melting butter on a warm toast, like it was yesterday.
People who have never tried this before give me a raised eyebrow look when they see me make this. Just the thought of putting sugar on bread is a concept they can't grasp. I remember watching Giada de Laurentis on Oprah making a toasted sourdough sandwich with olive oil and choclolate chips. Oprah also gave her a look that says, "Really??? Chocolate chips on a sandwich???" to which Giada politely tells her that she ate it growing up. I could totally relate with Giada on this one. As for me, to this day, this is still one of my comfort foods, whether it's for a quick breakfast, or an afternoon snack, it sure brings back memories.

Start with buttered toast. Spinkle it with white sugar. Then add sharp cheddar cheese.

And there you have it.....Sweet Cheese Sandwich. This is great with coffee, by the way. And yeah, I drank coffee as a kid. So what's your comfort food? -GG-

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